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low frequency induction heating equipment

Products Description

1: Work Principle: electromagnetic induction heating.

2. IGBT module and Inverting technology

3. Stable reliable and low maintenance cost.

4. 100% duty cycle, continuous working when maximum power output.

5. Digital Display of output power and heating current and work frequency.

6. Simple to install.  Offer documents help for installation and operation

7. Application: billet preheating before forging,induction hardening,pipe heating for bending

8: Low frequency high performance for big diameter pipe or billet heating

9: Inductor quick change when workpiece diameter changed

Matching Equipment

Storage tank,step feeder and chain infeed system

Hot billet extraction machine

Full automatic bar feeding system

Exactly advance temperature detect and display system

Optional billet layer clean system

Three channel Accept/Reject sorting system

Fully automatic production line support

PLC interface kit

Distill water cooling system or industrial chiller

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